At Power Damper Services Ltd we offer a wide range of services. Browse through our services below & contact us if you require any further information, our staff will be more than happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Damper Servicing

Power Damper Services Ltd are able to provide regular overhaul or maintenance contracts of dampers on offshore platforms and onshore refineries and currently have contracts with several major oil companies. Regular servicing of dampers highlights any future potential problem before a costly breakdown occurs. This prevents breakdown prolongation due to spares not being available at the critical time.


Power Damper Services Ltd can provide the services of qualified engineers to perform commissioning of any type of damper; onshore or offshore. Whether the actuation package is Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric, or Manual we have the experience to service all your needs. Our engineers and technicians have broad experience gained by working for a variety of different damper manufacturers over the last 30 years.

Diagnosis & Repair

If you have a problem with your damper, our damper doctor service can help to identify and rectify this for you. This can include damper fault diagnosis if required.

When faced with a damper repair, Power Damper Services Ltd can offer supervision and any necessary advice for future reliable service. Particular damper repairs are shaft/blade cracking or distortion, seal fatigue and control equipment problems.

Consultancy Representation

Power Damper Services Ltd can provide a consultancy service if you are specifying or requesting a damper for a particular duty. We can give you the guidance and advice where we take into account the damper application, service, duty, materials of construction and type of actuation.

Damper Upgrades & Damper Change-Out

It is often the case that a particular type of damper is purchased and it is then later realised that a more suitable unit should have been installed. Power Damper Services Ltd can help you with the damper change-out or retrofit, even with the most demanding confined space requirements as in the offshore industry.

Power Damper Services Ltd have recently provided a consultancy service to a major Norwegian offshore support company during the WHRU Diverter change out on the Troll C Platform. We provided advice & representation throughout the project; intial presentation, survey, control design, manufacture representation, installation supervision and commissioning.

If your damper is just work out we can supply a new robust & reliable damper to fit into the same space as the existing unit.

Actuator Package Upgrades

Power Damper Services Ltd can provide Actuator Upgrade Packages for electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, and manual actuation systems.

Electric Operation can consist of Auma, Rotork or Limitorque type actuators.

Hydraulic Operation can consist of simple open/close cylinders or full HPU Packages consisting of pumps, failsafe accumulators, valves and transmitters etc.

Pneumatic Operation is generally pneumatic actuator with positioner and failsafe control panel with back-up air receiver.

Manual Operation systems can consist of gearbox and handwheel, simple lever arm or cable operation.

Sealing efficiency can be affected by a number of things with the main enemies being wear, corrosion and damage. If you need a Damper Seal Upgrade we can help.

Installation Supervision

Our experienced engineers can ensure that your installation is effected accurately with due regard to x, y, z axis and squareness. They can be on hand to deal with any problems that can arise and resolve them as quickly as possible.

In particular, high sealing dampers and high temperature dampers require precision installation as any twisted ductwork will impose stresses onto the damper frame which leads to lower sealing efficiencies.

Build Supervision

Problematic dampers can often occus as a result of poor build quality at manufacture. As experienced damper engineers, the team at Power Damper Services Ltd are able to recognise the key areas where later operational problems can arise due to poor fit up or manufactore techniques during the fabrication & assembly process.

We can provide a dedicated engineer on a daily, weekly or resident basis in the manufacturer's works. This not only ensures that drawings and quality plans are adhered to, but also adds the extra dimension of experience when designs and tolerances may not be suitable for reliable operation. The can be particularly important where dampers are intenally insulated for high temperature duty.


Power Damper Services Ltd own all design rights of the former Power Damper Systems Ltd and will continue to supply spares for all previous PDS contracts operating world wide.

We can obtain, supply and fit spares for any make of damper even if the manufacturer has ceased trading and is not traceable. We have access to the drawings, designs, records and presentation of Wahlco Diverters.

Subcontract Technicians

Our Engineers and Technicians are available on a subcontract basis to perform varying engineering duties which are not limited to damper duty. We also contract out to agencies or other contractors/subcontractors for a wide range of duties including turbine, diffuser, WHRU and instrumentation (tiffy's).

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