NPS – Onshore

Cyprus_resizedFollowing an explosion near to a GT Power Generation Plant in Cyprus, Power Damper Services were invited to prepare a detailed report relating to the future suitability of safe generation after the explosion had severely damaged most of the plant equipment.

We provided a detailed report as to out findings on the GT Exhaust Diverter & Bypass Stacks.


Jotun A (North Sea - Norwegian Sector) FPSO

Jotun AWe were invited to the FPSO to investigate operational WHRU diverter problems. It was apparent that the existing Diverter manufacturer had ceased trading and was untraceable. However, our recommendations were for complete overhauls of both units.

We subsequently obtained all spare parts and completely overhauled both units which included new bearings, shaft seals, diverter blade seals and actuator recalibration. Upon start up, positive experiences were immediately obtained by way of no 'sticking' or operational 'hunting'.


Troll C (North Sea - Norwegian Sector) Platform

Troll C Norwegian SectorWe were invited to the platform to investigate operational WHRU diverter problems, It was apparent the Flap type diverter was not suitable for the application that it was being used for, ie, controlling low amounts of exhaust gas through the WHRU

We recommended both units be replaced with Multilouvre Diverters which offer greater controllability of the exhaust gas flow from the Gas Turbines.

Two new units were purchased through IPPS with design, manufacture, delivery, installation & commissioning being under our responsibility.

Upon start up, positive experiences were immediately obtained by way of accurate and reliable controllability of heating medium.

IPPS also delivered and installed new Expansion Joints.

Alba (North Sea - UK Sector) Platform

Alba UK SectorWe were invited to the platform for an initial survey regarding the future integration, reliability & longevity of their WHRU and associated control isolation dampers. Although the existing WHRU and casings were serviceable the inlet, bypass & isolating dampers, and controls, needed a complete overhaul. Due to previous safety issues, the operators had lost confidence in the original arrangement & new dampers were therefore requested. However, since the dampers were an integral part of the WHRU, the whole WHRU had to be changed.

We consulted Alstom and agreed that we could build a new WHRU casing (under license) but this time with separate inlet, bypass & isolating dampers together with new control equipment and ancillaries. We fast tracked the design, manufacture, testing, and delivery for their summer shutdown.

Throughout the project we provided engineers for consultation & advice, supervision of the installation and commissioning. In addition to these services, we also have a maintenance contract to ensure the new units remain reliable and in good order.

CNR (North Sea - UK Sector) Platform

CNRPower Damper Services was approached to advise why their operators were continually having problems & down time with the dampers on their GT system. It was immediately apparent they were using the dampers for a completely wrong application.

Guillotine dampers are fine for shutoff duties, but not suitable for control.

We recommended the guillotine dampers be replaced by Twin Louvre dampers that would provide good isolation and good control of the flow medium.

After further consultation, PDS supplied the new dampers and a satisfactory conclusion obtained.

AKPO (Offshore Nigeria) FPSO

At the request of CiTech/Rolls Royce we were invited to commission the WHRU Inlet & Bypass Dampers fitted to four of the six generating sets.

Since commissioning we have been invited back to diagnose an issue with the dampers which was confirmed to be a differential expansion problem between the hot blades and the cold easing. We supported the client by attending a meeting at the manufacturers when the problem was discussed and a solution agreed between the manufacturer and the client.